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Click below to access our demo for In-Class Attendance collection. Each Teacher gets their own login that is setup in the attachments sub tab under the additional info tab.

To use the Demo you can use the username: Green9846 and the password: !tmp69682

The link to access the demo is

The current date will be selected by default. If its between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM the class will be selected by itself. If not you would need to choose the correct class to mark. Click on the Absent or Late check box to mark the students.



commented May 2, 2018 by ilenewilson
This would be very useful in our Preschool division where the teachers will be issued ipads for the classrooms.

What steps are required to activate this software?  What are the associated fees?

Thank you in advance,

Ilene Wilson

Talmudical Academy of Baltimore

410-484-6600 x308
commented May 2, 2018 by Admin
The cost for this add-on is a one time fee ranging from 3k-5k depending on school size. If you need us to customize it we would need to get the details in order to give a price.
commented May 2, 2018 by ilenewilson
If we went ahead, would this functionality be available by the end of summer so we could rollout in the new year?
commented May 2, 2018 by Admin
Takes a few days form when you order it.
answered Sep 3, 2015 by Admin

This is an image of the app running on an IPod Touch that's in use in class.



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