to save for Reuse Mail merge grid Columns when "Use Current Report" (same as Saved Queries)

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asked Jan 1, 2020 in New Feature Requests by seb

When bringing in the Mail Merge grid records based on "Use Current Report", which gives the option to add in the grid all data columns from this report, and sorting the column positions in the way you want. It’s very annoying that next time you want to use the same mail merge columns for the same report you must waste time again by selecting and sorting the columns from scratch. 

So i suggest to add a option to also Save the Mail Merge grid with the selected columns for the current report (in addition to save just the query filters with the report self). 

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answered Jan 1, 2020 by Admin
Have support add the sorting to the report.
commented Jan 1, 2020 by seb
This will bring into the mail merge grid automatically the columns i selected last time when i saved this report?
commented Jan 1, 2020 by Admin
No. This will sort it for making the mail merge in word, without you having to sort it.
commented Jan 1, 2020 by Admin
Mail merge is a feature where you can merge info with MS Word.
commented Jan 1, 2020 by seb

so this is not what i'm talking about at all.

1. i'm asking about making easier the use of  Mail Merge grid self for scrolling through accounts with the information in each row (As for: select / unselect /jump to account and more).

2. to have with one click in the grid All and Just the Columns that were selected last time when used and Saved the mail merge grid for this report, and with the same column positions.

is it possible to add such feature to save the mail merge grid for next time

I think this will be a help for many users who are using the mail merge grid to scroll through records with specific information from any report.

commented Jan 1, 2020 by Admin
Mail merge is not meant as a report viewer. You are not using it the way its intended.
commented Jan 1, 2020 by seb

i know it's not made for this. but it's not aloud to use it for other very useful purposes?

Do you have a other Tool like this in the program, where you can have many columns with all the information you need, with options to: Quick Sort, Quick Filter, Select, Unselect, Jump to account, and Add mailing info, (and also merge)???

commented Jan 1, 2020 by Admin
You are allowed to use it for whatever you want. But we usually add features based on how a tab is supposed to be used. Not a single use for a single user that is using it differently.
commented Jan 1, 2020 by seb
I think it's not just a "Single use", and not just for a "Single user" But in any case, is it possible to have such added option for "Paid" support?
commented Jan 2, 2020 by ysyosher
I would also suggest the same idea. The Mail Merge feature has the great convenience of gathering data with any field I need in any format which is then exported to Excel. The possibility to save the exact layout to be able to retrieve it next time would be very useful.
commented Jan 6, 2020 by gittelgluck
While I am not looking for the same thing as he is I do agree that the mail merge tab is my go to tab whenever I want a report on something. Sure, I can customize reports but it takes lots of effort and time so I only do it when absolutely necessary. Mail merge has the convenience of simply being able to query all members and important info and then export and customized in excel. I would appreciate if you can add more columns, like email.
commented Jan 6, 2020 by Admin
There should be there the email columns already. Just choose it from the dropdown and click on the add column button.

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