is there an option to add my own custom fields in system, like for additinal info in payments?

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asked Jan 13 in How To by sholtzer
I`m looking to add Sub campaigns, used for same campaign but additional details as a sub; example 1 - Shull campaign with List of shuls affiliated. example 2 - locations where the donor give the donation.

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answered Jan 13 by Admin
No, you can't add a field. But you can use any of the existing fields. There are multiple fields, like pmethod and other info.
commented Jan 13 by sholtzer
so as of now, which current field would work best as for location/shull?
commented Jan 13 by Admin
PMethod Or Solicitor
commented Jan 13 by sholtzer
is the same field available in pledges and Recurring CC charges? if using it for Shull name will need the same for any donation type.
commented Jan 13 by Admin
answered Jan 13 by Admin
We are actually adding soon a special field for location and shul for each payment. It will work together with our new handheld devices that will auto record the shul name when used in the shul.

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