Update campaign for recurring credit cards

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asked Jan 18 in Tuition and Fundraising by Nlink
When entering a recurring credit card we enter the campaign for the campaign year that the charge is being entered currently, for example if someone tells us that we can charge his card forever and we enter it until the expiration date which is in 3 years from now we will enter the campaign as Donation 2020. In a year from now we will enter a charge for donation 2021 and then we need to change the campaign in the transaction tab to 2021 for each future charge seperatly. Can you add an option to update the campaign from the CC on file tab which will update all future transactions similar to adding a new CC which updates all future transactions.
commented Jan 19 by chaim holtzer
Same thing can be helpful for other fields, like update Merchant account etc.

Maybe give the option to change info in fields and a button "Update" (same as "cancel")

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