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asked Jan 26 in New Feature Requests by moshelax
Hi. i would like to know if it is possible to also have a bill date 16 days before rosh chodesh so rosh chodesh will be over due the bill
commented Jan 26 by Admin
Where are you looking for a date? In which program, screen? What issue are you encountering that you are trying to solve with this date?
commented Jan 26 by moshelax
I'm looking for a date on the bill except the due day date my issue Is that iam trying be collect the money before rosh chodesh but when the customers are calling in to the automatic phone system or to the billing office it does not show or say the balance that we want to show we wanna be a month ahead that's why I would like to have the billing date 16 days before rosh chodesh
commented Jan 26 by Admin
What not just have the phone system say. Your balance due on next rosh chodesh is ... Instead of the current balance.
commented Jan 26 by moshelax
That is something that will definitely help but also for the secretary when she tells someone his balance it would be good that she could tell him the real amount as our bill is as middle of the chodesh
commented Jan 26 by Admin
So why cant she say the Amount due on rosh chodesh? I don't see how having another date will help. You just need to train the staff to answer the balance due on rosh chodesh.
commented Jan 26 by moshelax
I understand I just tought that its easier when you see the total amount due instead of making the calculations or change the date on each account before telling them the amount if its something that's difficult to make then we can try without that and only on the phone system and if it's not working out will see then but rather I will have it the bill date for mid chodesh
commented Jan 26 by Admin
No clue what are answering. But you don't have to set the date by each account. You only need to set it once. And best is just to look by running balance in charges and you don't set anything.
commented Jan 26 by moshelax
I do see now running balance I think it will work with this and how do I change it on the phone system?
commented Jan 26 by Admin
Phone System changes need to go through our Web and Phone Dev Team. Contact them via email.
commented Jan 26 by moshelax
Can you send me the email please?
commented Jan 27 by moshelax
Can I speak to you on the phone?
commented Jan 27 by yczehn

here is the email address

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