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asked Mar 25 in Reports by bismark
Can you modify our check printing report so that instead of pulling the "pay to the order of" from the company info it asks if it is Yeshiva or Kollel. If yeshiva the pay to the order should be "Ner Israel Rabbinical College" if kollel it should be "Kollel Avodas Levi"


commented Mar 25 by yczehn

where do you need it?

Tuition, fundraising, both?
commented Mar 25 by bismark

Just Fundraising.... (We don't charge the yungerleit for the privilege of attending, though it is an interesting idea! wink)

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answered Mar 25 by yczehn
selected Mar 25 by bismark
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Done please call in to transfer, thanks!

is there anything else we can do for you?
commented Mar 25 by bismark
Thanks, in your call queue now....
commented Mar 25 by bismark
Thank you!!!

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