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answered Apr 21 by Admin
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We have now updated our voice campaign web site with many exciting new features. The existing web site will stop working by April 30, 2020.

If you want to save any phonebooks or sounds from the old website, please do so now. If you need help with the migration you can call in to support.

We will now only charge .06 per call that is setup. It’s the same price no matter how long the call takes. This simplified new pricing will always be the number of phone numbers entered times 0.06. So when setting up the campaign you will be able to see right away how much it costs. It will deduct the funds as soon as you set up the campaign, so once a campaign is set up you are guaranteed to have enough funds for it. 








commented May 6 by chaim holtzer
Sounds like the new system is not working so good the AMD (Answering Machine Detection) feature.

the old system worked very well with voicemails, but since using the new system its not so good (messages are cut, only coming in second half of msg)
commented May 6 by Admin
Please send us an example for us to check if its an issue that can be corrected. In our tests, this system did AMD correct in 92% of the time, while the older one had only an 83% success rate.

No system yet does AMD 100%.

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