Immunization rules changing.

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asked Jul 5, 2015 in School Administrators by Admin
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In NYS including the city some rules will be changing regarding the immunization requirements. The final rules have not yet been published but these following two rules seems like it will take effect.

1) Confirmation that you do not need a medical form from the health provider. You can use the info received from the CIR and/Or NYSIIS. (The city did already allow it in the previous years, but now it was added to the official policy.)

2) For students up to grade 7 you will need to make sure that the immunizations are received in the correct dates. (Until now, the state and city sheet did show some requirements but it wasn't mandatory for the schools to check it. The Dr. was supposed to make sure its good).

Because of this second rule we will be adding to our software the ability to check each immunization if its within the rules. We will do it once the final rules are released.

For any comments just reply below.
commented Jul 6, 2015 by leah
any time frame?
commented Jul 6, 2015 by Admin
Like written above we are waiting for the city to release final rules.
commented Jul 6, 2015 by mbs
Thanks for constantly upgrading according to our needs. I don't know how we would've managed to check timeframes without your software. THANK YOU!!
commented Jul 20, 2015 by Admin
We have received the final sheet. Will add these rules in the next few days. Currently you only need to check these for a few grades. Should we add it should look the rules for all grades?
commented Jul 21, 2015 by mbs
To me it looks like certain rules apply to all grades

Ex. Hep B-3rd dose is considered invalid if it's given less than 8 weeks after 2nd dose (I did find 2-3 of our students by whom this was the case)

commented Jul 21, 2015 by BYBZ
Yes, I think You should do for all the grades, this way we can see who is complying and who not. it’s up the school then to figure out based on queries how strict we want to be for the older grades.

We'll also need to figure out a way how to deal with the Flu Shot, even though the date is up to 12/31, because the day after we can get a daily fine of 1k (at least the article 47 centers can) so we need to have a way to let the parents know leading up to December that their children are still due the shot.
commented Jul 21, 2015 by leah
yes, please do this for all grades including preschool tx

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answered Jul 31, 2015 by Admin
We have this available for testing. If you are willing to work with us so we can test it on your school please call in to support. We currently only have the NYC rules. Others will follow.
commented May 31, 2016 by BYBZ
NYC just released the updated requirements for the new school year of 2016-2017. Kinldy advise if you will be updating the rules so that we can mail out letters to parents with the missing shot for next year.
answered Aug 7, 2015 by Admin
edited Aug 7, 2015 by Admin
This is now complete. Thanks to MBS of Yagdil Torah for testing it. Will post detailed instructions on monday. For power users just download and update. Go to reports additional info medical. Choose the period on bottom right and click the check if valid button. For the update to affect your reports you need to call in to support.
commented Aug 11, 2015 by mering
Is the new rules already updated ?

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