Call Back Voice Broadcasting

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I am using this feature and its fantastic , Its worth  for everyone

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You can now purchase a number to use as Caller ID when sending out voice messaging.

When calling this number, by default it will play the last recording that was sent out using this number as the caller id. Anyone calling back will be able to listen to this recording. So even if you sent the call only for first grade or your teachers, anyone calling back will hear this message.

So if you have a private message that you do not wish other people to hear, do not use this caller id when sending that message.

You also have the option of setting a different message that should be played. Even something that you have not sent out. For example, you are sending a different message for grade 1 and grade2, you can create a 3rd message that will be played when calling this number that combines both messages.

To choose which sound plays go to the sounds tab. Choose on change sound and enter the sound id. Leave blank to set back to the default option of the last recording sent.

The annual fee for such a number is $120. There is a 2 cents per incoming call that is deducted from your prepaid voice account balance.




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