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asked Jun 15 in Support Questions by meshilem
We need to discuss an issue that happens every year mainly by the boys.

People register their children but don't end up sending them till the middle of the year or Shavuot time. Since they are registered, they go on to the bus routes. Drivers see that they don't come, they ignore the stop. Then at some point, they start to come and we add a stop. we get confused not finding it on top of the route where the new stops are,

Drivers, need to be notified to actually start going to the stop that they were ignoring till now. When there is a sub driver & sub bus rebbe, they go to the stop unnecessarily or look for the child going home. etc.

Is there a way to have the ones that don't actually come in a separate class or something else??

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answered Jun 16 by Sros
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By us we have a grade called Pre Nursery, we actually have Pre Nursery-A and Pre Nursery-B grades. When a student is approved to come in middle of the year the are right away placed in the Pre Nursery grade.

When I create the routes, in order to know all students that will attend through the whole year, I include the Pre Nursery grade in the routes. Before I print the routes for the drivers I deselect the Pre Nursery grade from the routes.

When students start coming they are changed from the Pre Nursery grade to Pre Nursery-A or B and they come up on the top of the bus routes.


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answered Jun 15 by Admin
Why don't you filter the bus routes to only show students that are already attending?
commented Jun 15 by meshilem
When we make the bus routes in the begining of the year we want to know all stops for the year in order to make the best routes possible so we want to include all future stopes s,

so the question is how should we enter them as registred and also on bus routes but it should still be separated as the routes r printed...etc
commented Jun 15 by Admin
Call support. Each period entry has a date start, when the student starts school.
commented Jun 16 by BYBZ
this is an issue that may come up in the summer as well.

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