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Can we add that when we press on the cellphone it can call or text and click on email to be able to email same as address ?

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Click below to access our demo for Fundraisers.

To use the Demo you can use the username: Demo and the password: jls Once logged in you can use the search box to look for an account. You can search by name or address or phone or email.

If you want to search by multiple stuff you must use a comma between. If using commas the first spot will only search for last name and second spot for first names. So if you want to search for last name with address you must use the first and third spot. For example Acker,,1319. Note there is two commas between the Acker and the address. We left the spot for first name empty. So if you want to search for everyone on 5th street in queens you would need to start off with two commas to skip the name part. For example ,,5th,queens.

Once you click in to an account you can see their Phones, Emails, Addresses, Charges, Payments, Credit Cards on file and Credit Card Transactions. Click on the address to see a picture of the house. Click on the email column to send a text to the phone or to email. Click on the plus next to a campaign to see the detailed charges. Click on a plus next to a credit card to create a new charge (This has been disabled for the demo.) Click on the plus next to the Charged and Future Charges columns to see the transaction details.

Click on return to reload the search. You can also use the browsers back button.

The link to access the demo is

If interested in purchasing contact sales.


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