Covid 19 Check-In Phone System

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asked Jul 21, 2020 in New Feature by Admin

We are planning to create a Covid 19 check in phone system, to allow the parents to check-in their children every day. Will also allow for staff check-ins. 

Please post if interested and any other comments you might have.


When person calls in, if Caller ID is identified, will ask

Press 1 to check in your kids, press 2 to check-in a different account and press 3 to check in as staff

If Caller ID is not identified, it will ask 

Pleas enter your account number.

Press 1 to check in kids, press 3 to check in a staff.


If pressed 1 for kids

Did Moshe have fever or felt feverish in the past 24 hours? Press 1 for yes and 2 for no

Did Moshe have a new cough, sore throat or shortness of breath in the past 24 hours or other Covid 19 symptoms? Press 1 for yes and 2 for no


And all they need is press 2 nonstop. If pressed 1 by any answer it will confirm.

Do you want to confirm that Moshe had fever or felt feverish in the past 24 hours? Press 5 to confirm. Press 6 to cancel.

On confirmation an email will be sent to the correct location head.

Same will repeat for each child.


If presses 3 for Staff.

  1. Have you experienced fever of 100.4 degrees or more, a new cough, or shortness of breath in the past 10 days?
  2. In the past 10 days have you gotten a positive result from a COVID-19 test?
  3. In the past 14 days have you been in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) with anyone while they had COVID-19 or any symptoms of COVID-19?


We will document all answers in the attendance module.


commented Jul 22, 2020 by Pinkus
This could be great for us to use.

can you also make an online form for it? Between the 2 we would be covered and documented
commented Jul 22, 2020 by Admin
We can create anything. Just trying to see how many people will use it in order to keep the price low.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by Pinkus
Just to be clear this is for staff not for students because staff needs to report daily and students only once in a while .

if the price is right we may do it.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by Admin
This is for staff and students. As you can see above.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by Pinkus
Thanks for clarifying .
commented Jul 22, 2020 by BlasbalgN
We would be very interested. We were just discussing options of how to document such daily info for both children and staff.  An important segment of this would be to be able to see at the start of school who had not responded yet, so that we can call the parents (or staff) and if no response - to disallow those children from coming into the classroom or removing them from the classroom.  Far better would be if each child had a badge with a barcode that would be presented to a guard at the school entrance that can be scanned and immediately notify such guard whether the parents had confirmed for that day already (or if you have a better idea of how to accomplish catching them before they enter the classroom)..

commented Jul 22, 2020 by Admin
We can have an option of a guard or a few guards should have a device and scan a student bracelet or bus card to check if it was reported already, And if not send to an alternate line where they will take the temp, etc.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by BlasbalgN
Which telephone system would you be using to call in?  Question whether the school's phone system can handle so many call-ins at one time.  This would require every parent to call in and do one entry per each kid plus all the staff members.  That's a lot of calls in the same more-or-less time period.  Plus that is in addition to all the normal calls coming in.  Unless you have a setup for getting these calls and updating our JL files via the internet.
commented Jul 22, 2020 by Admin
We would use our own phone system. Nothing with the schools phone.
commented Jul 23, 2020 by Meisner
Sounds very good from the school part but not very practical for parents during the morning rush to go through each child... maybe first option should be a general question - did any of your kids... and if they answer no they are done. if they answer yes it comes to the option of each child so we know which child is not feeling good.
commented Jul 23, 2020 by Admin
The only question if that is acceptable enough. If yes than for sure we can have that option too.
commented Jul 27, 2020 by BlasbalgN
With school starting iyH in a few weeks, I would like to know the status of this Covid option - will it happen or not?

Obviously we can't wait till the last minute to find out, because we will have to plan then for an alternative method

commented Jul 31, 2020 by Admin
It will be done by this Sunday. Aug 2nd
commented Aug 2, 2020 by Admin
You can test the new covid phone system by calling 8457779288 and using account number 9997.

2 Answers

answered Aug 3, 2020 by BlasbalgN
I did the test.  The children's names were not very clear.  Also the test was only for students/parents - not for staff.  I assume staff option still coming.

Has the answer to the "Meisner" comment above been checked out, as his/her point is well taken.?

Last is that I had requested an option to scan a  barcode for each student as they enter to see whether they have been "checked in already" - is that still on the table?  The other alternative would be to allow a daily printout/screen to see who had not "checked in", so that the parent can be called
commented Aug 3, 2020 by Admin
The test system is what we created for an actual customer. And they did not want the option of one question for the parent.

We will customize these to each customers requests.

The staff option is available in accounts marked as staff. Will mark account 9997 soon, so you can test it too.

Once the parent answers the questions the info goes in to the JL system. From there you can just call in to support to make you any report.

Regarding getting a device by the door. We answered that already above. This is not a packaged option that you get a certain thing. Just decide what you want, and call in to sales for an exact price.
commented Aug 3, 2020 by Admin
The children's name should be clear enough for the parent to figure out which child we are asking about.

You can always have someone record all names ...
answered Aug 23, 2020 by Admin
More systems being created for other schools.

To test a different style system call 8457779288 and use account number 120858.

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