Is there an estimated date of the JL Conference for Women?

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asked Jul 23 in School Administrators by zvadoff
commented Jul 23 by rf408
Thank you for offering for women. Definitely a bonus to all staff. But for us no date in August would work. In November anytime rather.
commented Jul 28 by BnosB
November would be better. With the new year starting most secretaries cannot miss a day of work at this time.  thank you for the conference as the men said it was very informative and alot of ideas get shared between each other.

3 Answers

answered Jul 23 by Admin
Yes. We are planning to have it on Aug 18 or Aug 25.

We are still working out the exact time and details. It will be more training style, with separate courses for each thing.
commented Jul 23 by zvadoff
Thank you
commented Jul 23 by cmishlati
Please provide virtual participation.  Thank you
commented Jul 23 by mering
Aug 25 Camps are coming home and its a busy day that day for Most offices
commented Jul 23 by Ateresmain2
Shouldn't it be once school starts? I think it's a better timing for most secretaries. What do you say?
commented Jul 23 by Gila Aboud
edited Jul 23 by Gila Aboud
Re Virtual hookup - Yes, that would be so appreciated!
commented Jul 23 by Admin
So is November 11 better? Time would most probably be from 10:45 AM to 4 PM
commented Jul 23 by Tsena
Thank you for offering this conference for women.  In my opinion August 18th would be a better date as the 25th is closer to schools opening B"EH.
commented Jul 27 by SK
Thank you! August 18th is a better date for me. If it needs to be later, I'd look at end of November.

Thank you again,

commented Sep 16 by Miriam1
Nov 11 is a reg school day, full of work-as usual, is it possible Sundays? Or After 6:00?
answered Jul 23 by mbayer
what timing? how long will it take?
commented Jul 23 by Front Desk
Where will it take place-in the City, or Monsey?
commented Jul 23 by Admin
NYC. Most probably same location as the men's event.
answered Aug 9 by Admin

We have now enabled an online option for the conference that everyone can attend.

To purchase tickets go to


commented Aug 10 by gittelgluck
Is this for the mens or womens conference?
commented Aug 10 by Admin
We are currently making only one conference. The women's conference is postponed to sometime in the winter. (Based on customers requests)


For now everyone can attend this conference via zoom.
commented Aug 11 by gittelgluck
Since i had some issues with zoom i wish there is some options of viewing a recording of the live event
commented Aug 12 by BlasbalgN
We too had issues w the Zoom - couldn't hear the instructor.

Would also appreciate a copy of a recording - if one exists

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