Journal open page button on grid not working.

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asked Nov 21, 2017 in Support Questions by bismark

We have an journal in PDF form assigned in the campaign. When trying to click on the open button in the journal grid we get the following error:

Error Message
Error: Invalid procedure call or argument

Error Number:5

Module: FrmPDF - Line Number: 4

Click on YES to Retry, NO to Skip and Continue or CANCEL to stop.

Do you want to Retry?
Yes   No   Cancel   

To reproduce try account 2147 and try to open the ad for DIN2014 (ad ref 71116).


1 Answer

answered Nov 21, 2017 by Admin
selected Nov 21, 2017 by bismark
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You might not have user rights on that computer to open pdf. Or the JLSPDF.exe program has been deleted by your anti virus.
commented Nov 21, 2017 by bismark
I have user rights and antivirus did not delete it.

There is a problem with the current (11/9/2017 11:43:08 AM) version of FUNDRAISING.RAR. Even with anvirus disabled JLSPDF won't extract without error. I extracted it from TUITION.RAR and placed it in the \tuition program directory on the local machine and the feature worked.

I redownloaded FUNDRAISING.RAR and re-updated and JLSPDF.EXE deleted itself from the program directory.

I reupdated Tuition and that restored JLSPDF.EXE.
commented Nov 21, 2017 by Admin
It is there too. It can be a firewall AV or server AV that removes this bits from the rar.
commented Nov 21, 2017 by bismark
AV tested: not a factor.

Firewall: not blocking.

7-Zip CRC check reads data error on the JLSPDF.EXE file in the fundraising rar.

Did you test it? Calling in...
commented Nov 21, 2017 by bismark

You are correct. My firewall is stopping the download. It isn't just that file the whole end of the RAR is truncated.

If I find out specifically why I will update.

Thanks for your assistance.

commented Nov 21, 2017 by bismark
The firewall seems is tripping on the GetReports.exe. You have different versions in tuition and fundraising.

The file date in fundraising is 12/16/2015 and in tuition it is 3/31/2017.

Uploading both files to virustotal yeilds very different results.

Is it possible to package the new version with fundrasing?

commented Nov 22, 2017 by Admin
Done. Updated the fundraising version of GetReports.
commented Nov 22, 2017 by bismark
Thank you again for figuring this out.

The firewall no longer truncates dowload. (And of course the original problem was solved.)

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