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asked Sep 9, 2020 in How To by yr
recategorized Sep 9, 2020 by Admin

Can't pull information from NYSIS the following error message comes up

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answered Sep 9, 2020 by Admin
You need to login yourself to NYSIS as the login was changed by the state. After you login yourself, press the button again and it should work.
commented Sep 11, 2020 by Cgoldman
It doesn't work when I press the botton after logging in by myself. Is there any way to get to students records from the page  that opens after logging into NYSIS? tnx.
commented Sep 11, 2020 by Admin
NYSIS is making changes to the page. Once they complete the changes we will work on reconnecting it.
commented Oct 14, 2021 by yczehn
seems like they're are doing some more changes

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