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Use Maiden Name option added.

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We added the option to check off Use Maiden Name in the General Info tab. This will show up by mail merge and by reports based on the name selection.

The following is a list of how each Name selection will be affected based on the above pictured account.

Name SelectionWithout Use Maiden Name CheckedWith Use Maiden Name Checked
LName, FNameLefkowitz, MosheLefkowitz, Moshe
LName, FNameWLefkowitz, Sarah RivkaStern, Sarah Rivka
CompanyNameLefkowitz, MosheLefkowitz, Moshe
LName, FName - CompanyNameLefkowitz, MosheLefkowitz, Moshe
LName, FNameW - CompanyNameLefkowitz, Sarah RivkaStern, Sarah Rivka
CompanyName - LName, FNameLefkowitz, MosheLefkowitz, Moshe
CompanyName - LName, FNameWLefkowitz, Sarah RivkaStern, Sarah Rivka
FName LNameMoshe LefkowitzMoshe Lefkowitz
FNameW LNameSarah Rivka LefkowitzSarah Rivka Stern
FName & FNameW LNameMoshe & Sarah Rivka LefkowitzMoshe & Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz
FName LName - CompanyNameMoshe LefkowitzMoshe Lefkowitz
FNameW LName - CompanyNameSarah Rivka LefkowitzSarah Rivka Stern
Title & TitleW FName LNameMr. & Mrs. Moshe LefkowitzMr. Moshe Lefkowitz & Mrs. Sarah Rivka Stern
Title & TitleW Initial LNameMr. & Mrs. M LefkowitzMr. M Lefkowitz & Mrs. S Stern
Title & TitleW LNameMr. & Mrs. LefkowitzMr. Lefkowitz & Mrs. Stern
Title FName LNameMr. Moshe LefkowitzMr. Moshe Lefkowitz
Title Initial LNameMr. M. LefkowitzMr. M. Lefkowitz
Title LNameMr. LefkowitzMr. Lefkowitz
TitleW FNameW LNameMrs. Sarah Rivka LefkowitzMrs. Sarah Rivka Stern
TitleW FName LNameMrs. Moshe LefkowitzMrs. Moshe Stern
TitleW InitialW LNameMrs. S. LefkowitzMrs. S. Stern
TitleW LNameMrs. LefkowitzMrs. Stern
TitleW FNameW Maiden-NameMrs. Sarah Rivka SternMrs. Sarah Rivka Stern
TitleW FNameW LName/Maiden-NameMrs. Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz/SternMrs. Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz/Stern
Title & TitleW FName LName/Maiden-NameMr. & Mrs. Moshe Lefkowitz/SternMr. & Mrs. Moshe Stern/Stern
TitleW FNameW LName or Family LNameMrs. Sarah Rivka LefkowitzMrs. Sarah Rivka Stern
Title FName LName & FamilyMr. Moshe Lefkowitz & FamilyMr. Moshe Lefkowitz & Family
Title FName LName or FriendMr. Moshe LefkowitzMr. Moshe Lefkowitz
Title FName LName - CompanyNameMr. Moshe LefkowitzMr. Moshe Lefkowitz
Title & TitleW FName/FNameW LNameMr. & Mrs. Moshe/Sarah Rivka LefkowitzMr. & Mrs. Moshe/Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz
LName, FName/FNameW (LNameW)Lefkowitz, Moshe\Sarah Rivka (Stern)Lefkowitz, Moshe\Sarah Rivka (Stern)
Title & TitleW FName/FNameW LName (LNameW)Mr. & Mrs. Moshe/Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz (Stern)Mr. & Mrs. Moshe/Sarah Rivka Lefkowitz (Stern)


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