what is preferable for parents to hear when they call in the GPS.? (1) the bus was last by stop #.? or (2) the bus is now by address.? or (3) both.?

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asked Nov 25, 2020 in School Administrators by viznitzym
commented Dec 3, 2020 by Miriam1
edited Dec 22, 2020 by Miriam1
As a secr. and I too use the bus for my transp. I would say both, first stop# then address where bus is now.

Also, parents asked me if there is an option of skipping the almost 10 sec intro: Welcome to gps… or take it completely off!

Thank You
commented Feb 17 by Miriam1
Thank You for cutting the intro, We ask pls that the msg should say the location where the bus is up to right now, after saying the stop where the bus was last.

Thank You

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answered Nov 25, 2020 by chaim holtzer
Both, The bus was last by stop #15 on 123 15th ave.
commented Nov 25, 2020 by yczehn
I think he is asking if the bus is not by a stop address, its between stops should the system say last stop was at... with the stop info, or it should say the bus is currently at address 720 east 3rd and the parent needs to figure out where in the route it is
commented Nov 25, 2020 by chaim holtzer
But the easy way that a parent should calculate how far the bus is from their stop, is that they know their stop # is 20 and last stop was #15 at...
commented Dec 4, 2020 by lp

It should first say: you are stop # X, the bus was last by stop #Y at 0:00, the bus is now at XYZ Street....

I would also suggest cutting the intro message shorter please...
commented Dec 7, 2020 by Miriam1
I disagree ab first saying stop # bc:

#1: what's the matter? it could take 5 minutes btw stop #1 & #2, and 2 min btw #3 & #6

#2: A stop # is something that doesn't change, you remember it and if not you can listen to it at the end of the msg

Maybe the intro can be moved to the end of msg

Thank You
commented Dec 7, 2020 by lp
I do think its important to say the stop number since is is subject to change at any point of the year if someone moves or if the route gets changed around ( especially at the beginning of the year)

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