Where is the best place to keep track of phone calls made to parents about immunization?I

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asked Nov 25, 2020 in Support Questions by Ateresmain2
I would like to keep note when I called, if they answered, if I left a message, and also of their responses.

Where is the best place to do that?

2 Answers

answered Nov 25, 2020 by Admin
Notes. Make a category for immunizations.
answered Nov 26, 2020 by Miss Rottenberg
On top of each student's medical chart, there's a box where you can write in Notes. When you make a missing immunization reports, the Note will come up.
commented Nov 26, 2020 by Ateresmain2
By Allergies/ Notes?
commented Nov 30, 2020 by mering


imageThe right tab , You can ask Support for a report with Notes

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