Save Option when creating a new account

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asked Dec 20, 2020 in Fundraising by BYBZ

We have an interesting issue that many times after creating a new account, His sir name and first name and Her sir first and maiden name do not save. other fields will save. After creating 10 accounts and going back, none of the key info saves. 

This is in Fundraising.


perhaps there should be a save button as fields are entered that can be hit so make sure it's saved.


See attached

commented Dec 20, 2020 by YakovKantor
What version of fund are you on?
commented Dec 20, 2020 by chaim holtzer
moved Dec 20, 2020 by YakovKantor
I had lately that i updated the names and titles of few accounts, and than found that non of them was saved...
commented Dec 21, 2020 by Shekel Hakodesh
I have the same issue.
commented Dec 21, 2020 by meor
Interesting that I had the same issue today for the first time
commented Dec 21, 2020 by BYBZ
commented Dec 25, 2020 by re
it keeps on happening to me as well. refreshing the account doesn't always help.
commented Dec 25, 2020 by BYBZ
moved Dec 27, 2020 by YakovKantor
is anyone from JL monitoring this Thread and addressing this?
commented Dec 25, 2020 by yczehn
yes, we will let you know as soon as we have an update, thanks.

1 Answer

answered Dec 27, 2020 by YakovKantor

We made a change on version 12/27/20 that should fix this issue.

Please update and report back if you are still having the issue.

commented Dec 30, 2020 by Chaimshiah
I had the same issue in the past, I updated and its working fine now. Thanks Yakov.
commented Jan 12 by TC
I just had it happen again in fundraising. Entered a new account and the first name and phone number deleted when i switched to donation tab
commented Jan 13 by Admin
Please call in to support. As this was not part of this issue at all.
commented Jan 28 by Chaimshiah
I'm still having this problem one a while, I just now entered all information, and when i refreshed the account all information was lost.

I tried a 2nd time the exact same thing and it did save, it's not consistent.
commented Feb 16 by HMoldovan
I am having the same problem. It wasn't happening after the update, but I've tried it numerous times over the past 2 days and it happens every time.
commented Feb 16 by TC
It still keeps happening to us as well.
commented Feb 18 by cw
We still have this issue, it seems that it depends what info is entered first. i.e if a flag is flagged before entering the Phone number, it won't save.

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