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asked Dec 21, 2020 in New Feature Requests by chaim holtzer
After entering a payment in Fundraising, i have the option to Auto apply or Create charge,

but sometimes someone have already a Pledge/Charge, for example $250, and he pays $360, i would love to have an option to Edit/Change the pledge amount, instead of applying $250 to the first Charge, and then create a separate charge for the rest amount.

commented Dec 21, 2020 by yczehn
I believe accountants like it the way it currently works, you see which date he pledged 250, and when 100 was added
commented Dec 21, 2020 by chaim holtzer
What's the difference for an accountant which date the pledge was?
commented Dec 22, 2020 by chaim holtzer
I would ask Administrators & Fundraisers to vote on this issue.

commented Dec 22, 2020 by mering
What are you gaining from editing the charge ?
commented Dec 22, 2020 by chaim holtzer
That if he pledged $100 and paid $180 it shouldn't be 2 separate charges on his account, rather edit the charge of $100 to be a $180 charge, and apply the whole payment to 1 charge.
commented Dec 22, 2020 by mering
On reports you only see 1 charge
commented Dec 22, 2020 by chaim holtzer
and on statements?
commented Feb 4 by yczehn
so you want your statements grouped by campaign?

statement report (that's usually used after event/dinner with letter) definitely works that way, if you want on your statement I believe it can be done that way as well just let us know
commented Feb 4 by chaim holtzer
Statements is 1 issue, and you say it will be grouped by campaign, sounds good.

But when i'm doing "Create charge", it will be categorized as NoPledge, that sometimes not showing in reports (I think by Campaign report, and also when Query for pledges)

why shouldn't i be in control of choosing if i want to add a separate charge (No Pledge), or add that amount to his Pledge?

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answered Dec 22, 2020 by gittelgluck
Would love this feature
answered Feb 4 by nlebovits
we would be to such a feature as well.

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