Best Way to Clear Balance

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asked Jan 11 in How To by gittelgluck
When someone who has a large balance is willing to pay a certain amount but we should clear the whole balance, whats the best way to enter it in the system?

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answered Jan 11 by yczehn
selected Jan 12 by gittelgluck
Best answer
add a payment with Type "Write Off"

receipt required should not be checked
commented Jan 11 by meshilem
By us we give him a payment type "Credit" it does not have a receipt number, so it does not come up on the payment report...
commented Jan 12 by chaim holtzer
We have separate Types "Credit" is used when we owe for someone like a bus driver/teacher etc,

and "Discount" for stuff like you asking about,

also you can make a type called "Adjustment"

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