Best Way to Clear Balance

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asked 5 days ago in How To by gittelgluck
When someone who has a large balance is willing to pay a certain amount but we should clear the whole balance, whats the best way to enter it in the system?

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answered 5 days ago by yczehn
selected 4 days ago by gittelgluck
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add a payment with Type "Write Off"

receipt required should not be checked
commented 5 days ago by meshilem
By us we give him a payment type "Credit" it does not have a receipt number, so it does not come up on the payment report...
commented 4 days ago by chaim holtzer
We have separate Types "Credit" is used when we owe for someone like a bus driver/teacher etc,

and "Discount" for stuff like you asking about,

also you can make a type called "Adjustment"

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