Option to mark Flags as inactive (in administration) and option to show Inactive flags (in the account)

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asked Jan 24 in New Feature Requests by Pupa Camp
We have flags that we are using by registration and we want to see the next year the time frame when people responded to each requests, but we don’t want to need to scroll up and down after there is too much flags we are deleting the record and changing it to the next year

If you can add the option to mark by administration flags as inactive and in the account it should be an option to show also inactive flags like that we can have records of each year

commented Jan 24 by Admin
You can change any flag to not active in administration. Just remove the name,

Why don't you use the show flag as list option.
commented Jan 25 by Pupa Camp

So when I change the name in administration I will still be able to see who is marked with the old flag when I make show flags as list, correct?

Please add the option of show flags as list by the student flags




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