Name format: Please add first names only for email.

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asked Feb 7, 2021 in Tuition and Fundraising by bismark
We often need to send "personalized" emails in the format "Dear First Name;"

There is a problem where the father is deceased and we don't want the wife to receive an email "Dear LateHusbandFIrstName;"

The existing name formats (Like FName LName) automatically replace the husband's name with the wife's if his is marked "ignore."

Please add the following name formats:

#1: First Name (Father's  first name, unless missing or marked ignore then instead use Mother's first name)

#2: First Name (Mother's first name, unless missing or marked ignore then instead use Father's first name)

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answered Mar 8 by Admin
selected Mar 8 by bismark
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Added to Mass Email.
commented Mar 8 by bismark
Thank you. I assume FathersName and MothersName are the calculated fields? (I tested one case where the father was dead.)
commented Mar 8 by Admin

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