Please add field ATTTimeIn from the attendance table to the schedule tab.

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asked Feb 17, 2021 in Tuition by bismark
We are using Time In for principal's comments (teacher's comments go in comments field).

Could you please add the ATTTimeIn (and I guess time out while you are doing it) to the Courses->Children->Schedule tab's grid?

It would assist greatly with the data entry.

Thank you kindly,

commented Apr 19, 2021 by bismark
any possibility?
commented Feb 23, 2022 by Admin
Is very complex to add. Its not a s simple as adding a field. We would need a lot of users requesting it should be worth the effort and the speed hit.
commented Feb 23, 2022 by bismark
Thank you for responding. So how do you suggest we view these comments in the program? This would seem to be the logical place?
commented Feb 23, 2022 by Admin
In the attendance tab under children and the regular attendance tab  it should come up.
commented Feb 23, 2022 by bismark
You are correct and I am now not sure why they were asking me for this on the schedule tab....

Thanks for clarifying.
commented Feb 23, 2022 by bismark
The high school clarified the request. The schedule tab allows entering new records based on their schedule not just edit exiting entries. Some times the principal or vice gives a student off for a period and doesn't want the notes visible to the teacher. This can be done from the schedule tab but only if the ATTTimeIn were available because that is what is used for the administrative comments.

They asked additionally if there is a way to give off for a range of dates.
commented Feb 23, 2022 by bismark
If there is another way to do the same thing (without visiting multiple screens) that would be fine.

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