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Dear Customers, (please do not ignore this)

JLS would like to help our customers and assure their backup is actually working and backing up the files you need. (We heard of cases where the backup did not really back anything up for various reasons).


We are going to dedicate 2 days, March 24 and March 25 for this.

The following are the 6 steps you need to do.

  1. Ask your IT, computer technician etc. for the last backup of your database file. We are now focusing just on the main data. Therefore, we need the Tuition.mdb only.
    If your IT is able to complete this step, it means that there is a backup setup.
  2. Put that backup  Tuition.mdb file on your desktop.
  3. Ask your IT how often does he make a back up?
  4. What software is used for the backup?
  5. Where is the backup stored?
  6. Call in to the regular JL Support (718) 305-6762 ext 2 and we will tell you, if you are being backed up correctly.



Waiting for your call. smiley

commented Mar 21 by BYBZ
Thank You for this very important service.
commented Mar 23 by chaim holtzer
Thanks so much,

do we need to make the backup on March 24-25 ?

btw you choose 2 busy days for this, why not doing it in a day that we all have more time for that.
commented Mar 23 by YakovKantor
I think you are missing what we are looking for.

We want to make sure you have a backup setup. You should have a backup everyday not just on the 24th and 25th.
commented Mar 23 by chaim holtzer
i don't see an option to create a backup, only from time to time its showing a box on the main screen to backup and than i'm doing it
commented Mar 23 by YakovKantor
The backup is not something in the program it is something your IT should have setup on your server.
commented Mar 23 by chaim holtzer
ok will work on it after Yom Tov

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