School info tab in administration

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asked Mar 22, 2021 in Support Questions by Pupa Camp
Whenever we press the School info tab it takes very long to open and the system freezes
Anything to do about it?

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answered Mar 22, 2021 by Admin
selected Mar 22, 2021 by Pupa Camp
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Call in to support.
commented Mar 10 by Pupa Camp
this issue was fixed that it only loads by the school info the current redirected printer so the tab opens quickly, but since then when printing a address label it freezes and can take more then 10 minutes to print

looks like instead it should load once all past redirected printers by school info, it does it each time when printing a label

please look into it



 load all past printers
commented Mar 10 by Admin
There is no fix for using the fast print button by address when there is thousands of printers in the system. Maybe speak to your IT to fix the core issue that is creating this problem.

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