Jul Snap/medi match - needs to be downloaded each zip code seperately

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asked Oct 14, 2015 in Off-Topic by Secretary
The download has too much data and not all matched students come in when all are downloaded at once, therefore one zip code at a time should be downloaded.

(for zip code 11219 i didnt get all the data even if i did it seperately but i got much more than when i did it together,)

if anyone has any other advice please post. thank you

(i tried reaching BJE about it but they are giving workshops today)

2 Answers

answered Oct 14, 2015 by Bobov-45

see page 9 (Item 10a)

You need to uncheck the limit which stopts the download after a certain amout of records.
answered Oct 14, 2015 by Pinkus

Excel 2003 is limited to 65,536 rows. Therefore, if your school has more than 65,536 rows of data, you will not be able to open or save that data set in Excel. If you have multiple zip codes that will result in more than 65,536 rows of data you can create two separate files. Split your zip codes into two groups and then access them separately.

that why selecting one zip code at time gets you more matched .

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