What options does JL have to import campaign Data into JLS?

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Via the program [Fundraising > Entries > Import]:  (Free)

This allows basic information: The name, address, phone numbers, linking honoree etc. 
Of the campaign information: You can only bring in the payment amount or the pledge amount.
Tip! Importing an excel sheet with JL Account numbers will always be easier then without. 


Custom imports:

There are 2 kinds of imports.

  1. Reusable imports. This means you will import an excel sheet multiple times. The excel sheet will always be the same layout and the same type of information. This requires a one time setup.
  2. One time imports.


Web API (Website integration):

JL offers multiple options to have your own developer integrate your website with the JL program.

We also offer a dinner system and/or mobile devices that you can charge credit cards etc. which can be used on the go or at an event.
They are directly connected to the JL system and will not require any importing after an event. (Which can save many hours of manual work!)


For any custom imports or web integration, please contact sales.


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