Re-charge ACH Transaction that was rejected

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For example:

If you went over the velocity level or there was incorrect checking information.

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Added (06/29/21)

Note: This is NOT for returned transactions. This is only for transactions that there was an error or the transaction was rejected.
Please look at the ACH Response column to see what the error was.

We added 2 new features.

  1. When an ACH is declined the payment will have a strikethrough
  2. If a payment is declined, you can uncheck the "ACH Completed" and the payment will be retried (at the next charge time).


The columns are hidden by default, so you will need unhide them.

commented Jul 26 by HMoldovan
The payment date doesn't update to today's date when the strikethrough disappears. Is it supposed to?
commented Jul 26 by YakovKantor
Its ok. The system will try anything before todays date.

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