JLS 3rd Annual Event - Q&A Panel

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The following group will take your questions at our Q&A Panel session on July 20, 2021. The question can be on any topic regarding Non-profits/Schools.

You can send in the questions before the event to Panel@JLSSolutions.com

Avi Greenstein - CEO, Boro Park Jewish Community Council  - bpjcc.org

Hillel Lieberman - DIRECTOR, School Management Solutions - smsny.net

Pinkus Mayer - Director of Special Projects - Yeshiva Darchei Torah

Yisroel Mering - Assistant Administrator - Yeshiva Bnos Ahavas Israel

Menachem Garfinkel - Assistant Administrator \ Fundraiser - Yeshiva Yagdil Torah

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List of great questions we already received for the panel - please send more


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Please send more questions to Panel@JLSSolutions.com

  1. How to handle parents that are Anash / affiliated when it is relevant to wanting lower tuition, and responding to their complaints.
  2. When doing a major building or renovating project:
    1. Should it be taken care of by the regular administration staff, or taken care of by a separate person.
    2. Should the finances be mixed in with the fiscal budget, or should It be kept separately
    3. What is the best way to help get the parents and affiliate people involved in fundraising.
  3. If you have multiple divisions in your Kehilla (boys, girls, yeshiva etc.)
    What are the advantages and disadvantages for the following 2 options?
    1. Keep the administration as one
    2. Divide the administration into separate offices
  4. What would be the ideal split of the fiscal budget percentage wise; tuition and fees / government funding / fundraising / Other.
    1. Should the regular administration take care of fundraising or should it be a separate department.
    2. If it is a separate department should the regular office support the fundraiser's department in any way?
  5. Do you recommend having a board or vaad?
    1. Do you find it helpful or cumbersome?
    2. What would be your suggestion be to having a productive vaad?
  6. Tuition
    1. Do you recommend meeting with each parent upon registration. Do you meet with them annually?
    2. Do you raise your tuition on an annual biases? Do you work with a certain formula?
    3. Do you maintain a personal relationship with each parent?
  7. Payroll
    1. Do you recommend the admin meeting with each employee upon hiring them?
    2. Do you recommend to meet with them annually?
    3. Do you recommend annual raises?
    4. Do you have a certain formula on raises?
  8. Government Funding
    1. How do you make sure that you are taking advantage of all Government Funding that is available to your mosad?
    2. Have you had any success with applying for grants from private foundations?
    3. What can be expected from the Child Nutrition Office moving into next year.
    4. Why are commodities quality from OGS so unreliable?
    5. What are the pros/cons to jump into the supper program?
  9. What would you say are the top two issues you find to be problematic in mosdos.
    1. Can you Share with us examples of changes you know of that made lasting effect enabling a mosad with problems to get back on its feet.
  10. If you had the opportunity to address a fellow administrator who is contemplating leaving the nonprofit world for the 'golden opportunities' available in the 'for profit world, what would you tell that individual?
  11. What type of professional help is available for parents of children that have questions or problems ie bullying etc.
  12. Do you have any specific message or important information you would like to share with the audience.


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