JLS Event - When Should I Come?

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We are getting a lot of calls from people that want to now when is the Best time for them to come to our event.
So here we will break down in more detail,based on what interests you.

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Do busing or want to network with our sales and support staff - 12:00 PM

Lunch and Network with JLS Customers - 1:30 PM

Work in tuition, creating contracts and/or collections and queries - 2:00 PM

Interesting Q&A from a great panel on multiple non JLS topics. Panel combines great experience in government funding and food reporting together with great fundraisers and school administrators. - 3:40 PM

Work in fundraising, creating reports, advanced analysis and reporting or want to network with our sales and support staff - 4:30 PM

Mincha, Supper and Network with JLS Customers - 6:00 PM



We are starting out the event for those that take care of the busing in the school. From 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM we will review everything that a bus manager or anyone entering bus info needs to now. 

The hall will be split in two parts, so the people that do not need to watch the bus info, can discuss other stuff with our sales and support staff that will be on hand in the reception area.

By 1:30 PM lunch will be served. After lunch from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM we will show in detail everything regarding  tuition contract creation. That includes details on how scholarships or pell grants is entered, how you can mass update the charges from the previous year with a percentage increase, and how to review and update all your contracts. 

We will also show simple tricks on collections that work, how to get outstanding reports, and how to query the data for info you are looking for.

We will also review the registration and collection portals.

After that we will take any questions that you have on any part of the tuition program.

By 3:40 PM we will start the Q&A panel from our great mix of panelists. You can ask any question you want and these experts will answer you. On the panel we have experts in government funding, food administration, fundraising, school management. Send in any question (NON JLS Related) to Panel@JLSSolutions.com. You will also be able to ask questions at the event.

By 4:30 PM we will start our fundraising presentation. This will include a detailed presentation on how to query and analyze your accounts for missed donors. How to export reports and how to create nice letters and emails. We will also discuss our fundraising portals available and our CC device for fundraisers on the go.

After that we will take any questions that you have on any part of the fundraising program.

By 6:00 PM we will daven mincha and have supper.

After supper we will have a special presentation on new features.

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