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asked Aug 2 in How To by mering
Is there any way to delete charges from children on mass and only for 1 month , This will be very helpful now with the essential voucher program and we don't know how long the program will be so after getting 4 weeks of payments we want to mass delete for these student's the charge from 1 chodesh

Is this possible ?

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answered Aug 2 by Admin
selected Aug 24 by sruly
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Why don't you apply the payment to the charge. Or have a report that will enter a credit payment. Make no sense to remove the charge. They are still charged.
commented Aug 2 by mering
If i apply payment parents will say that i should apply the amount we got and this i don't want .
commented Aug 2 by Admin
So just have a report that gives credit.
commented Aug 2 by mering
What do you mean with a report that gives credit ?
commented Aug 2 by Admin
Similar to vouchers report. Its a report that you will query everyone that received credit, and it will just credit whatever balance they had for that month. So it will come in as a credit payment applied to the correct month.
commented Aug 2 by mering
So basically the parents will see  charge and a credit

Correct ?
commented Aug 2 by Admin
Correct. And you can write Essentials Workers credit.
commented Aug 2 by mering
But so on this parents will ask for full credit that we dont wanna give
commented Aug 2 by Admin
Dont see how this will trigger this request, while if you dont charge they will not ask.

But you can choose whichever why you want. But for accounting purposes (ask whoever does your books) it makes no sense to delete charges. You are going in to a big accounting mess.

And why not be up-front with parents, that you are crediting each month. Better is even, the report should raise the charge to the amount received.

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