Download Automatically CIR and Check if Valid every night

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asked Aug 29 in New Feature Requests by Tashbar
Can you please add that the system should download every night the immunizations from the CIR and should Check if Valid?

It will be very helpful for those who are having the portal and the phone system.
commented Sep 5 by BYBZ

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answered Oct 5 by Admin
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Added. You would need to set it up as a scheduled task to call the software to do it.

The following command is needed.  You can have the following three options




So the task needs to be as follows.

Tuiton.exe AutoGetImmun|CIR
commented Oct 10 by BYBZ
Can we have a report that should list the students that updated between certain dates
commented Oct 10 by yczehn
sure call in support

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