To create a field in the deposits to add charge for the OJC deposits

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asked Sep 1, 2021 in New Feature Requests by ysyosher
edited Sep 2, 2021 by ysyosher
Is it possible to create a separate field in the deposits screen to add a charge for a OJC deposit ($2.00 for every deposit) and it should be recorded in QB as a charge to the expense account selected in the setup.
commented Sep 2, 2021 by yczehn
it should be viewed the same as the credit card processing fee, how do you record the CC processing fee?

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answered Sep 5, 2021 by Admin
selected Oct 10, 2021 by Admin
answered Sep 2, 2021 by ysyosher
I get charged all credit Card Processing fees at the end of the months in one charge. The OJC Fee has to be deducted from each check. Also, you're right the same feature would be extremely helpful for those who pay credit card processing fees per transaction.
commented Sep 2, 2021 by yczehn
CC fee is an aggregate of your transactions fees,

JL keeps track of account receivables and not of accounts payables
commented Sep 2, 2021 by yczehn
you want to be able to match it up with the bank, OJC deposits donation minus the fee, vs CC depends on how its setup, correct?
commented Sep 2, 2021 by ysyosher
As far as my experience with JL computers, that JL implements every necessary feature that makes it easy and comfortable for the yeshiva to do their work. One of the special features that was implemented in the program is keeping track and recording donations & tuition payments and intergrading with Quickbooks. This is really a great feature that changed a lot and helped tremendously with the work load. One thing that is sometimes required to be able to record a deposit is recording the fee that is deducted from this deposit, because when a fee is deducted from the deposit that comes into the bank, it becomes part of the deposit., if this feature is not implemented into the deposit, then the deposit feature for these kind of deposits is not complete.

And again, my experience with JL is that you're not limiting yourself to just certain aspects you're always trying to implement every feature that the mosdos need, and I think that the same goes to this feature because OJC is now a payment method that is used by every moded.
commented Sep 2, 2021 by ysyosher
commented Sep 3, 2021 by BYBZ
This is a very important update that is required, especially as more and more people are using OJC. OJC does not process the fee at the end of the month, they deduct it from every deposit, yet inn JL on the donor side, we need t credit the full amount hence the difficulty in having JL reconcile with QB.


Such an update will go a long way in helping us work seamlessly.

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