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asked Nov 8, 2015 in New Feature Requests by mering
We would appreciate if JL old have an option from ACH ( taking out money straight from the bank account ) Printing checks is not the best option cause the parents don't want we should print checks from there account for a few reasons ( Example: Mixing up checking numbers- bouncing checks - and more).

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answered Nov 8, 2015 by Admin
Short Answer: No. Long Answers: There is no point.

And ACH doesn't bounce checks? Its much cheaper and easier to control if you print the checks. ACH bounce after a few days and you have to monitor what was returned and its just more overhead for more money.

Another point, you do not have to use the check numbers in the order. You can start from check number 1. So it doesn't mix up with their checks,
commented Nov 8, 2015 by mering
The parent says: How can u print checks with my name without having my signature ? And if yes why shouldn't I  be scared that somebody should hack your computer and print checks from my account ?
commented Nov 8, 2015 by Admin
And what difference is ACH with this question?
commented Nov 8, 2015 by mering
ACH only goes to our account and printing checks u can deposit in any account and he would never be able to track it.
commented Nov 8, 2015 by Admin
But if someone gets your ACH list they can create ACH or print checks to their account. If you think the parents feel more comfortable with the word ACH you can tell them you are doing ACH. Its exactly the same thing. You only need a routing number and account number to create both. The only difference is in the fees.
commented Apr 10 by chaim holtzer
just for your info, anyone that see your check, can see your Routing and Account number, and can print checks with this.

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