Divorced Parents

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asked Oct 5, 2021 in How To by mering
I have a divorced parent that both want to be billed , Is there any way how to do it ?
commented Oct 19, 2021 by Zelda
Issue with inserting this information under the same account is that they both get to see each other's information at one point....

Is there any way to have 2 separate accounts that are "linked" to each other by children?
commented Oct 20, 2021 by Admin
Code2 is the answer.

1 Answer

answered Oct 5, 2021 by yczehn
bill both account with the amount each parent is responsible for

you can enter charges in contracts for code2 parents
commented Oct 5, 2021 by mering
Both parents wants to get the statement from the full charges , I there an option ?
commented Oct 5, 2021 by yczehn
code2 gets statements by default

they might not come up in your contract, you can call support to customize it for you if you need it
commented Oct 5, 2021 by mering
The mother is responsible for full payment and the father wants to get a copy from the mothers statement .

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