to have a report of all the follow up notes and to be able to mark it completed

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asked Nov 9, 2021 in How To by Ohlhatorah
Should be able to have a list of all the people I have follow up with. without going into there account. Similar to task to be able to mark completed

thank you
commented Nov 9, 2021 by yczehn
what are you looking for that task/ToDo doesn't have yet?

you don't need to go into accounts to add tasks

that's if you have tasks to follow up

but if you just want a (small) account list to make phone calls etc, you can work with lists and remove from lists when done

you can add/remove from account screen or report and mail merge tab
commented Nov 22, 2021 by Esty
i use the note tab - and then run a note report

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answered Nov 15, 2021 by Admin
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I see the comments above answered your questions.

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