Mass Entries On Query

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asked Nov 25, 2021 in New Feature Requests by mering
It would be a great feature to add by the mass entries page a option where you can check a box that the drop down from the accounts should look only on Query , This will help when entering pass payments after a Campaign it you shouldn't come up the entire data base , It will only come up the names i selected in the Query  it would be much easier to enter and when i will have a new donor and i will see that the name doesn't come up i will check off the box and all names will come up.

Thanks Again For JLS for trying the best to satisfy their clients!

1 Answer

answered Dec 1, 2021 by Admin
The option is already there. There is a check box use report selection.
commented Dec 15, 2021 by Admin
Did you check this out? If yes and it works like you need, please click on the check box next to the answer.

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