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Is there any updates regarding JL accepting the Pledger Card? we have a lot of donodrs who want to give thru this card


if you can please keep us posted
commented Jun 9 by YakovKantor
Its working since Jan 7, please call support to set it up for you

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answered Jan 9 by YakovKantor
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Added (01/07/22)

The pledger credit card account works differently then OJC cards, as an account by pledger is not required before charging a pledger credit card.

If you would like to charge a credit card please contact support with the following information and we will set it up on your server.

  1. Your Tax-ID
  2. The exact legal name of your organisation

Pledger will reachout to you via the legal address associated with your tax-id.

You can also reach out to 212.PLEDGER (753.3437) or email to if you want checks mailed to mailing address or ACH or to provide other instructions.


You do not have to contact your credit card merchant provider (Fidelity/Hi Tech/First Choice/ etc.) as this has nothing to do with them.

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