Exporting a Mail merge

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asked Feb 16 in New Feature Requests by Pupa Camp
When exporting a mail merge and the account has by the address a country like Canada, UK etc., the person’s info gets divided in 2 lines
Please fix it should stay on same line and the county should be the last column


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answered Feb 16 by Admin
selected Feb 16 by Pupa Camp
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It depends which export method you use. There is nothing we can change here. As its needed for the labels to come up on a separate line.
commented Feb 16 by Pupa Camp

but all coloms from there on is on the second line

see below an example

commented Feb 16 by Pupa Camp


commented Feb 16 by Admin
Like i wrote. There is 3 method of export.

1) Complete recordset.

2) To Excel

3) With Formating

Only method 2 has the issue and its not on our end, so we cannot change it. Method 1 and 3 export fine.
commented Feb 16 by Pupa Camp
Thanks for the info, so will use the other methods

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