Charge Company and Amount by Auto contract set up

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asked Feb 23 in New Feature Requests by Pupa Camp
Please add by administration>period>auto contract, when creating a charge to have the fields to enter the charge company and charge amount
Currently these 2 fields need to be entered manually on each line

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answered Feb 23 by yczehn
selected Aug 1 by yczehn
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if all types are billed the same amount you don't need a record per type, you can just enter 1 record and keep the type blank, the same is for season
answered Feb 23 by yczehn
most scenarios need the amount different per location/type so it would make sense to enter them once the records are created
otherwise you can just add one line on top
commented Feb 23 by Pupa Camp
We do have a lot of children types but with the same charge amount and same charge company, which currently it means a lot of manual entries after creating

It would be very helpful to have these fields the option to select before creating, the same way like the locations, seasons, type etc.


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