Add fields for middle initials and/or add fields for salutations

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asked Mar 3, 2022 in New Feature Requests by bismark
When performing a word merge for a letter with "Dear FirstName," if the donor has a middle initial we have it entered in with the first name. We don't want to send the letters out "Dear Franklin D."

It would seem to me that either there should be a middle initial field. (Or a way of listing salutations for specific people who aren't standard).
commented Mar 3, 2022 by Admin
There is a Name column by address that will override any salutation to what you write there. But you loos the option of having all variation of names.
commented Mar 3, 2022 by bismark
But this isn't a solution. (for example: would we have multiple copies of their home address for each type of mailing?)

This also doesn't come in the first name field. That field would normally be used for the recipient in the address block on a letter or envelope. We use it for that purpose all the time.
commented Mar 3, 2022 by Admin
If you do exclude name, it will show up instead of the name.
commented Mar 3, 2022 by bismark
Even if it would come up as first name, it wouldn't address the issue.

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