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asked Mar 8 in Fundraising by YAG
When exporting the mail merge screen to excel, the phone numbers have a trailing of extra spaces after the phone number, which is not recognizable as phone number with any software/website, the option of exporting with formatting takes off most spaces, but still keeps one space after the numbers, which leaves us with the same issue mentioned above.

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commented Mar 8 by YAG
thank you
answered Mar 8 by Admin
Excel has simple find replace where you can remove all spaces. Please explain which software/website you are trying to use this export to recognize the phone numbers?
commented Mar 8 by YAG
correct, but that also takes away the space after the brackets which is not the way it should be, and also is just extra steps after each export
commented Mar 8 by Admin
Search for two spaces by replace. It will not take away the space after the brackets.

Why are you constantly exporting this list?
commented Mar 8 by YAG
for gabaim

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