User Rights For previous Periods

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asked Mar 10 in New Feature Requests by Pupa Camp

Please add the option that a user that has rights to enter or edit periods should only have rights to the current default period or another flag by administration>period>period “No Auto Contract” that should only make that auto contract shouldn’t work but when entering a manually charge in contract it’s should reflect the charges

What’s happening is that by mistakenly the user changes the old period instead of this years and the auto contract updates automatically and gets complicated

I start using the option “no auto charge” by administration>period>period which is very good, but the problem is that when I do want to add or change a charge of last year’s contract manually it also doesn’t reflect the charges


1 Answer

answered Mar 10 by Admin
Just set the default period for all users to the current year.
commented Mar 10 by Pupa Camp
it is set to the current period, but sometimes they mistakenly edit last year instead of this year

I think if you add a warning or confirmation pop-up when editing not the default period, the same way its warning when entering a child twice in a period would solve the issue

commented Mar 10 by Admin
Why do they load last years at all?
commented Mar 10 by Pupa Camp
what do you mean loading?

by each child they have all periods that this child was
commented Mar 10 by Admin
They change the record of the child for previous periods? Thought they change the contract. Lets see what we can do.
commented Mar 10 by Pupa Camp

so I think a warning or confirmation pop-up will avoid the issue


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