I try to refund a credit card but it says that it exceeds the amount

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asked Jun 27 in How To by JSchwartz
I see someone asked this question already but it does not go through by me.
commented Jun 27 by re
moved Jun 27 by YakovKantor
I had the same issue
commented Jun 27 by JSchwartz
Were you able to do it in the end?

1 Answer

answered Jun 27 by YakovKantor
Very simple, the message is saying you cannot refund more than you charged this card.

This is a prevention from the bank.

For example if get into your account I can go and refund my card $3000 and I would walk off with the money.

Therefore they only allow you to refund up to the amount that was charged on the card.
commented Jun 27 by re
i got the message when i tried refunding a few charges. it only let me refund 2 through JL but i was able to refund the rest through fidelity.
commented Jun 27 by YakovKantor
Can you call in to support and ask for #8 and show me what you are seeing?

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