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asked Feb 20, 2018 in Support Questions by chaim holtzer
recategorized Feb 21, 2018 by chaim holtzer

when i'm recording a sound, most of the times its comes in to the system twice, each recording is double, 

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answered Jun 18, 2018 by Admin
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We have now added a number that will take you directly to the recording menu. To upload a recording or send out a campaign use this number.

(845) 215-4195 or (845) 777-9099

Ext 1 to Upload a recording.

Ext 2 to Send out a campaign using a Phone ID.

Ext 3 to listen to your balance.
commented Jun 18, 2018 by chaim holtzer
thanks so much,

just 1 think if can be fixed, that when the system confirming the id number, is says (for example) "you entered twenty tow thousands six hundred and thirteen" instead of "you entered tow tow six one three"
commented Jun 19, 2018 by Admin
Thanks for your comment. Corrected.
commented Jan 2 by chaim holtzer
when finishing to record i must listen again to the whole message, and sometimes its a long message that i'm not interested in listening to it,

also when making a mistake while recording and i have to re-record, i have to wait for the whole msg to play...

can you please change it, same as other systems that giving the option to listen/save/re-record.

commented Jan 2 by Admin
Without listening people send out the wrong stuff by mistake.
commented Jan 3 by chaim holtzer
the old system (and all other companies) giving the option to listen, but not forced to.

or can make that by default it should replay, but have a button (for example the #) to press if want to skip, because sometimes i know that i made a mistake and i want to re-record, and i have to wait for the whole msg to play... (and this can happen more than once).
commented Jan 3 by Admin
K, Will add an option to cancel in middle. But will need to listen to the whole message in order to send it out.
commented Jan 3 by Beth Jacob Seminary
Thanks I agree that this is a great help!
commented Jan 3 by Admin
Added. You can press 8 in the middle of listening to the recording and it will take you back to re-record.
answered Feb 20, 2018 by Admin
Correct. You can use any.
answered Mar 5, 2018 by Admin

We created our own recording system directly that will only show once. It will also show the time based on the NYC time not California.

To use call (845) 579-0502 and enter ext 88889. Then follow the prompt. The upload will look like this.





commented Mar 5, 2018 by mering
We should only use this number not 2132213804 ?
commented Mar 5, 2018 by Admin
The old one still works. But this one is faster.
commented Jul 26, 2018 by zecheryochanan
Is the voice system down?

I tried uploading a message twice on both numbers and it doesn't show up on the voice message page.


Thank you

Shimon Balsam
commented Jul 26, 2018 by Admin
Its working. Call in to support.
commented Jul 27, 2018 by Admin
Was working. You must listen the message and wait until its tells you Recording Uploaded.

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