apply payment from one person to someone else's pledge?

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asked Feb 21, 2018 in How To by Mrs. Stendig
a grandmother pledged $2500 in a dinner campaign.

a few different sons (parents) are making payments to that pledge.

i need to mark the original pledge paid-but i dont want to post the checks to that account because i want to know how much each son paid.

how can i mark this without having a credit of $5000 applied to this campaign?

is there a way to post a payment in a certain account but apply it to a different account?

Thank you,
commented Feb 22, 2018 by Suzylev
It is unfortunate that JL does not have 3rd party payment so there is no easy way to do this.  I wish it had it like DDC did. The way I do it is to put the payment where the pledge is.  Then I write a note saying that the payment is from so and so.. Then I do a duplicate payment in the company of 3rd party payment in the account of the person who wrote the check so I can keep track of it and print a receipt from there. I would love if JL could add 3rd party payment feature.
commented Feb 22, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
thank you for sharing how you do it.

commented Feb 22, 2018 by Admin
We do not plan on adding such a thing. We worked with a few accounting firms when we designed this. (And are biggest referrals come from accounting firms fed up with our competitions method of doing these stuff).
commented Feb 22, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
yes, i understand.

B''H everything is going very smoothly with the program and our Cheder is appreciating its genius, efficiency, and greatness!

This issue came up and without knowing accounting firms's opinions, I felt it noteworthly to ask.

but now that the answer was explained, it definately makes sense.

Thank you!
commented Feb 28, 2018 by ysyosher
The best way to this and it shouldn't affect accounting, would probably be to enter a credit at the grandmother account to satisfy the pledge, then enter a reverse charge with a note, and then enter a new pledge and payment by the grandchildren with a note.
commented Feb 28, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
but then when i run a campaign report, a credit of $5000 would be added to my total when in reality it is only $2500. (because payment in form of credit also gets included in the grand total of a campaign income.)

i used the Link Payment feature that the program offers and it works great!

it was exactly what we needed.

Thank you!

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answered Feb 22, 2018 by Admin
selected Feb 28, 2018 by Admin
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There is NO accounting package out there that allows you to invoice Company A and receive a payment for it in Company B.

You cant bill one account and enter payment in a different account.

But we do have something called Linked Payment. That will allow the payment to come up in a different account as a reference.

So in the above example, you can enter all payment in the grandparent account and just link it to the sons.

Regarding the reports and receipt it depends how you set it up. (You can have receipts always go to the linked account instead of the regular.)
commented Feb 22, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
amazing. thank you.

How do i link the payment?
commented Feb 22, 2018 by yczehn

There are 3 columns in the payment grid you can unhide them by right clicking on the grid, Grid Layout > Unhide Columns.

Link To Lets you link to account

Go To Linked Lets you click to linked account

Linked From Shows you which account it was linked to, (Generally you would only need it for receipts)


commented Feb 22, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
Thank you!
commented Feb 22, 2018 by Suzylev
Can the linked payment go toward the pledge on the other account?
commented Feb 22, 2018 by yczehn
Payments are applied to the charge of the same account and company of the payment, however you can link the payment to the account that paid it so it can show that way on the receipt.

(in real life when you go to the grocery and pay your neighbors grocery bill they would enter the payment on your neighbors account, and would hand you over the receipt)
commented Feb 25, 2018 by alowy
Can it be linked to another company (like from tuition to donation)
commented Feb 25, 2018 by Admin
No. Company are like complete separate files.

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