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asked Nov 17, 2022 in How To by mering
Is there a option to set an account that when the statements is sent it should only send from that period and not include the old balance ?
commented Nov 17, 2022 by crosenberg
I had the same issue 2 weeks ago, when someone told me that going forward he is starting to pay monthly, but he doesn't want to see every month on the statement his old balance.

I tried by reports to check the box; exclude old balance, but then I found that; if there are payments made in this period more than the charges for this period, it will be a negative balance which is not correct.

Mering is always asking sharp to the point!

1 Answer

answered Nov 18, 2022 by Admin
There is an option of Start Pay date in the Notes / Statement tab, which will not include any charges or payments before that date on most statements. (As statements are custom, your school might have different rules in the statement.)

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