Can you add Future CC payments to the Payments tab?

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asked Dec 20, 2022 in New Feature Requests by Bkpr1
Sometimes I have parents who give me checks and in their mind, they are replacing credit card payments that have been set up. The problem is that they neglect to tell me and then we end up charging their credit card, resulting in a duplicate payment. I know that we can see future credit cards in the Charges screen, but it would be much more functional if we could see that in the Payments tab as well. Could you add it? Thank you.

1 Answer

answered Dec 20, 2022 by Pupa Camp
selected 6 days ago by Admin
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you can see it in the payments tab as well
commented Jan 18 by Bkpr1
exactly where?
commented Jan 18 by Pupa Camp
the same area where it is by charges

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