Can I schedule an email/sms to send at a specific time? I sent Mass Emails/SMS and am getting error messages. Why? I sent mass emails and they haven't arrived. Why?

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How would I setup a merge with the above listed companies?
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Same way as regular email.

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There is two ways to send an email thru our system. With MS Outlook or with SMTP using an email set up in administration.

MS Outlook allows scheduling a time of delivery. But in order for it to go out on that time the Outlook application must be open at that time, connected to the internet, not be in sleep mode and not be in offline mode to be able to send the email by the schedule time. If any of the above isn't true the email will be sent the next time all of the above is true. So if you schedule something to go out at night and the computer was shut off or disconnected from the internet or went in to sleep mode, the email will be sent the next morning when you open the computer. That is why we do not recommend relying on the Outlook schedule except if you are on the list to receive the email and will go in to the office if you didn't receive it to make sure it goes out. (All the issues discussed below when emailing mass happens even when sending from MS Outlook.)

We have now (1/26/2016) added a second option that you can use the schedule an email for up to 3 days later. This option also solves the problem that larger schools/org have with sending mass email or SMS that it is being rejected by their hosting provider or email company,

Almost all companies that provide email for personal or corporate use do not allow sending mass messages from the system. So if you want to send to 1000 people you will be blocked by your e-mail provider because its above the daily limit (For example, GMAIL only allows 500 emails sent per 24 hours. Anything above that is blocked). And even the messages that are below the daily limit needs to be spread out not to send out to many in the same few minutes. (That is why we have the option of Pause Between to wait between sending the next message). Each provider has different rules how long they want you to wait between each message. Now even if the company you use to send the email doesn't block it, its blocked by the receiving company because its receiving to many emails from the same email/IP.

The best solution to the above problem is to use a special EMail service company that will allow you to send all your emails at once and they will throttle it themselves to keep it unblocked. We have now tested two such companies. and Both have a free plan to send a small amount of emails each month. For Mailgun you get 10,000 free email per month and for SendGrid you get 12,000 emails per month. Above that Mailgun charges $5 per 10,000 and Sendgrid charge $9.95 per 40,000.

Both of these companies have the option of scheduling the email up to 3 days later. It will be kept on their servers and will go out on the time specified. So even if your computer is closed it will still go out by the time specified. If you need help signing up by these companies we can help you signup for a one time fee of $150.


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You can now also use They give 100,000 free emails per month (They do not support the option of sending emails at a later time).

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